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Outdoor activities for children

Outdoor activities for children

21 September 2021 admin

Written by Julie Nguyen

At the Balga Early Learning Centre, it is important that children spend time outside everyday, whether it is to engage in some physical fitness, to get creative, or just to spend time in the sun. Here are some inspirations – from the kids at Balga ELC – for activities you can do with your child at home or at the park.

Riding bi/tricycles

This physical activity is a great way to introduce your child to cycling. They will learn to build up their coordination, balance and quick-thinking skills. Not only that, your child will have endless fun! You can even switch it up for them by creating obstacles for them to curve around and changing up locations and surfaces.

Playing in the sandpit

Playing in the sandpit can be both a physical activity as well as a relaxing one. There are so many things you can do with your child in the sandpit. You can get creative building a sandcastle. You can dig holes using shovels. You can play with toy cars and trucks and use them as props for your sandcastle. You can even get some water and use it create mud. One favourite is using sand, leaves, sticks, nuts etc. as ingredients to create fake food. The possibilities are endless!

Obstacle courses

Challenge your child with some obstacle courses to build their coordination, problem-solving, and balancing skills. It may be scary at first, but children love to challenge themselves. And the good thing about obstacle courses is that you can create as many different ones as you want! Your child will learn to navigate and adapt to new obstacles and problems. Get creative!

Drawing and colouring

Yes, you can colour and draw inside but try setting a table up outside for your child. It is a great activity to have on hand when your child wants to relax, cool down and get their creative juices flowing. It is easy for them to get inspired by the nature, fun activities and sun. Outdoor activities don’t always have to be physical activities. It’s also great for children who prefer creative over physical activities.

What outdoor activities do you want to try with your child? Share them in the comments and be sure to tag us in your pictures!