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Indoor activities for children

Indoor activities for children

29 September 2021 admin

Written by Julie Nguyen

We have covered outdoor activities for children, now we are covering indoor activities. At the Balga ELC, during the afternoons, the children have free time in the classroom to relax and have some fun with their friends and teachers. There are so many activities to do indoors that let the children decide how they want to be creative.

Follow along for indoor activity recommendations from the children at Balga ELC.

Reading books

Children love listening to their favourite books being read to them. Instead of putting a movie on for them, try reading them instead as a fun and educational indoor activity. The Kindy kids love being able to choose the books and taking in the illustrations as they follow along. All you have to do is find a comfy spot and a cool book and you are set! Who said reading wasn’t fun?

Playing skill-building games

Playing games doesn’t mean playing video games. This means playing a board game or a skill-building game that are not only engaging but also educational for your child. During their free time, the Kindy kids love to take out a game like the memory matching game (shown above) or a puzzle to play with their friends and teachers. It helps build their memory, critical thinking and problem solving skills. It is a great indoor activity that your child can play with others or by themselves.

Exploring their senses

Another activity that you can set up for your child is a sensory activity that lets them explore a particular sense. At the Balga ELC, the Kindy kids engage in sensory activities everyday and look how much they are enjoying it! Here, they are exploring the sense of touch with a chia seed tray that the teachers prepared for them. This is a great and unique indoor activity that will get your child buzzing with intrigue. You can even switch up the activities and targeted senses to make it more interesting!

If you find yourself stuck on an indoor activity to do with your child, try some of these suggestions! We promise you they will not disappoint.

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