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Fun Craft Activities for Young Children

Fun Craft Activities for Young Children

21 October 2020 admin

Written by Abbie Nicholls

Creative interaction between parents and children is the perfect bonding experience that can start from a young age with our exciting guide. Plus, it gives your child a chance to make something they can be really proud of! If you’re struggling to figure out where to start, let our list of recommendations help you inspire your child’s creative passion.

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Leaf Painting

This nature-inspired art is a great way to teach your children about the wildlife local to Western Australia. Plus, you get to go out exploring with your child as they gather leaves that catch their eye. All you’ll need after collecting a variety of leaves is some acrylic paint and paper. Brush some coloured paint onto the backs of the leaves and then let the printing commence! Perfect, cheap afternoon fun!

DIY Cardboard Marble Run

Got any cardboard toilet or paper towel rolls lying around? Why not put them to good use by helping your child transform them into a unique marble run. All you’ll need for this is cardboard rolls, tape, scissors, marbles and any decorations your heart desires!

DIY Race Track

If you have a stash of washi or masking tape around the house, why not take it to the floor to help your child create their very own customisable race track for their toy cars? Use spare cardboard to build ramps and tunnels to make the track even more exciting. The great thing about this is it’s not permanent and your child can alter it however they like.

Tissue Box Monsters

Crafting idea taken from Kimberly McLeod (2019), follow this link for the original information!

A great idea for repurposing any empty tissue boxes around the house is to help your child turn them into colourful monsters! Paint, pom-poms and googly eyes is all you’ll really need to make this easy craft idea work. Plus, when you’re finished you can use any leftover pom-poms to make a game out of seeing who can toss the most into the monster’s mouths in a minute!

Rainbow Tree

Nature crafts are an excellent way to teach your child about the world around them while also inspiring their creative side. For a fun outdoor feature, let your child paint a downed tree branch however they choose and watch them ‘plant’ it in an equally adorned bucket filled with sand. It’s a great way to allow your little ones to get their hands dirty and make their mark in the garden.

Three Ingredient Foam Paint

For a new twist on painting a picture, add equal parts shaving cream and craft/school glue in a ziplock bag, and add some food colouring. Seal the bag and squish the contents together to thoroughly combine the mixture. Then, when your child is ready to paint on some thick paper or card, cut off a corner at the bottom of the bag and guide your child to use it like their piping icing. Once they’ve finished their art, simply leave it to dry overnight so the foam can solidify. The next day you’ll have a distinctive piece of art your child has made to proudly display!

Simple Collages

Been on a memorable outing recently? What better way to capture the memories made than for you and your child to create a simple collage of your trip! If you brought home any reminders of your big day out, even better. Why not glue them onto your paper and encourage your child to recall their favourite moments from the day? This activity will give your child the creative freedom to design their own art, while also practicing some invaluable skills. All you’ll need is some colourful pens, paper, glue and anything you brought back with you!

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