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The Importance of Nature-play

January 20 2021 By admin

Written by Abbie Nicholls For young children, exploring nature is not only beneficial for intellectual learning, but also for expanding creative capacity. In Western Australia, our history is deeply rooted in the natural environment. It is important our young children are exposed to the beauty and variety of our wildlife and learn to recognise its…

Stress and anxiety – how to help your child adapt to life changes

January 13 2021 By admin

written by Ineke Stress and anxiety are familiar feelings to everyone, regardless of age. While adults and children express their fears and concerns in different ways, there are a few tips and tricks that anyone can use to get themselves back in control of their emotions. Whether the anxiety has come from a new experience,…

How Childcare Benefits Your Child

November 25 2020 By admin

Written by Abbie Nicholls Childcare is something all parents spend a lot of time researching. Placing your child in the care of someone else can be a tricky transition however there are many reasons why childcare can be a great choice for your child. Daycare with a focus on the highest quality of care and…

Diverse cultures in our centre

October 14 2020 By admin

written by: Ineke Celebrating all types of cultural diversity in our centre is a must, and all our aged-based environments learn this through different play-based activities throughout the year.  Young children are always comparing their experiences with those around them, and as parents and educators it is important to guide them to explore this new…

Top tips for putting your child to sleep in their first year

September 16 2020 By admin

written by: Ineke Bedtime. It strikes fear in the hearts of parents world-wide. So here are some top tips for getting your little one to sleep and avoiding the drama, from ages 0 through to 12 months old.   Did you know that babies need to learn to go to sleep and that they learn this…

Top 10 children’s books for bedtime

September 16 2020 By admin

written by: Ineke From timeless classics to modern favourites, here’s our selection of the best children’s books to entertain both you and your child. Where the Wild Things Are – Maurice Sendak Written in 1963, this is a classic tale of a child’s imagination run wild. Be warned, this is a dark tale to begin…