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Best Nature Activities For Young Children

Best Nature Activities For Young Children

14 October 2020 admin

Written by Abbie Nicholls

Are you searching for a way to not only encourage your child’s desire to play outdoors, but to ensure it’s the most beneficial it can be? Look no further, here’s our guide to the best activities for you and your child to try out in Perth’s beautiful backyard.

With the importance of playing and exploring in nature being expressed for generations across Australia and the rest of the world, why not ensure your child’s getting the most out of it with these fun activities to do at home?

Bug Hunting

They fly, they crawl, they squirm—it’s no wonder kids are so interested in them! So why not engage this interest by grabbing a magnifying glass and helping your child search for bugs in your backyard or a nearby park? You’ll both be surprised at how many you can spot when you’re actually looking for them. Talk to your child about their different colours, whether they should give them a little more space (if they sting, for instance) and what their jobs are in the garden. For some extra fun, you could even build a small holiday house for a worm you might find—I heard they love plenty of different leaves, dirt and bark!

Memento Wreath

Is your child the one that comes back from a trip to the beach with a fistful of shells and stones? Why not help them display their collection in a more memorable manner by creating a memento wreath out of cardboard and your child’s collection? Simple twine necklaces or bracelets work too for those lighter finds!

Nature Treasure Hunt

There is no activity more exciting and rewarding to a child than a treasure hunt! There’s no need to save this one for a special occasion—why not compile a simple list of local natural materials (bird feathers, local flowers, bugs) and head down to your favourite nature trail or park to embark on an adventure to find them all?

Visit this website to grab your free nature head printable courtesy of Penny Whitehouse (2017)

Nature Heads

A different way for your child to explore the many colours and textures of nature is to create art with natural materials. Take your child on a beautiful nature walk to your local park or trail and help them pick out materials they are drawn to—make sure there’s a good variety. Then, back home, either print out or draw an image of a person from the neck up, but don’t add the top of their head or hair! Now, let your child decorate your faces with all the materials they gathered earlier to create funky nature heads.

There’s really no limit to the fun you and your child can have exploring the nature around you. And your child’s incredible imagination will ensure you don’t forget that!

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