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Indoor activities for children

September 29 2021 | By admin

Written by Julie Nguyen We have covered outdoor activities for children, now we are covering indoor activities. At the Balga ELC, during the afternoons, the children have free time in the classroom to relax and have some fun with their friends and teachers. There are so many activities to do indoors that let the children…

Activities to do with your children during this school holiday

September 28 2021 | By admin

Written by Julie Nguyen It is the school holidays once again! With the weather warming up again, it’s a great time to do fun things with your children outside of the house. If you are stuck on how to get your children off their devices, here are some ideas. Hopefully, they will have amazing stories…

Outdoor activities for children

September 21 2021 | By admin

Written by Julie Nguyen At the Balga Early Learning Centre, it is important that children spend time outside everyday, whether it is to engage in some physical fitness, to get creative, or just to spend time in the sun. Here are some inspirations – from the kids at Balga ELC – for activities you can…

Children’s books about diversity

September 14 2021 | By admin

Written by Julie Nguyen It’s never too early to teach children about diversity – family, cultural, gender, sexual, language – and luckily there are many children’s books that help introduce these topics to them. It’s also important to ensure that your child feels represented and that their families are represented. Families, Families, Families by Suzanne…

Fun science experiments to do with young children

September 01 2021 | By admin

Written by Julie Nguyen What better way to explore your child’s curiosity than to do science experiments with them? It’s not only a great way for them to learn about the world around them, it’s also a lot of fun! These science experiments are so easy that they can be done with household items at…

Birthday parties without breaking the bank

February 11 2021 | By admin

Written by: Ineke Birthday parties are such fun times – the balloons, the games, the cake, the tears…perhaps not. Here’s how to avoid the tears from mum and dad, and plan the perfect party. Location location location  It’s important to choose somewhere that suits your child’s current obsession or chosen theme. There’s no point in…

The Importance of Nature-play

January 20 2021 | By admin

Written by Abbie Nicholls For young children, exploring nature is not only beneficial for intellectual learning, but also for expanding creative capacity. In Western Australia, our history is deeply rooted in the natural environment. It is important our young children are exposed to the beauty and variety of our wildlife and learn to recognise its…

Stress and anxiety – how to help your child adapt to life changes

January 13 2021 | By admin

written by Ineke Stress and anxiety are familiar feelings to everyone, regardless of age. While adults and children express their fears and concerns in different ways, there are a few tips and tricks that anyone can use to get themselves back in control of their emotions. Whether the anxiety has come from a new experience,…

How Childcare Benefits Your Child

November 25 2020 | By admin

Written by Abbie Nicholls Childcare is something all parents spend a lot of time researching. Placing your child in the care of someone else can be a tricky transition however there are many reasons why childcare can be a great choice for your child. Daycare with a focus on the highest quality of care and…

Fun Craft Activities for Young Children

October 21 2020 | By admin

Written by Abbie Nicholls Creative interaction between parents and children is the perfect bonding experience that can start from a young age with our exciting guide. Plus, it gives your child a chance to make something they can be really proud of! If you’re struggling to figure out where to start, let our list of…

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