kids1Welcome to our Early Learning Centre, as a qualified staff team we hope you enjoy reading about our ELC and that you get an understanding of the care & education we provide to local children.

We encourage you to please call into our centre at any time with your child to see our play environments, meet the educators, and discuss in detail what our service provides for your family.

The first five years in a child's life are the most important; everything they experience contributes to their later development. During this precious time children need to be surrounded by security, love and consistency. The environments they encounter and are a member of must nurture and stimulate their personality.

Our ELC, which is owned & operated by The Salvation Army, has been part of the local community for 30years, supporting many families in raising their children, providing them with access to a high quality early years service. We are deeply committed to incorporating the mission and values of TSA in all that we do. Promoting human dignity, justice hope, compassion & community are essential components of our approach to all people who have a connection with our service.

The learning philosophy we devised is based on individual learning through play, with activities and experiences all constructed to support children's learning in their formative years. Our philosophy also clearly outlines our approach to families, multi-cultural awareness & nutritional values.